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Dance Studio San Antonio

Why dance?
For starters, it is a lot of fun! Fun aside, dancing has so much more to offer than just a good time. Exercise, stress relief, self-confidence, social poise, and a creative outlet are amongst the many benefits you can receive from dancing.

Can I learn to dance?
Even if you have "two left feet" or "no rhythm," you can learn to dance! Fred Astaire himself is quoted as saying "some people seem to feel that good dancers are born. All the good dancers I€„¢ve known have been taught or trained."

How long will it take me to become a good dancer?
At Fred Astaire, you will quickly establish confidence with the basic steps of dance.  However, the longer you dance the better dancer you will become. As your dance education continues, you will engage in advanced steps and styling that will have you looking and feeling like the dancer you want to be!

Will the introductory offer take care of my dancing needs?
We will not have you dancing up one wall, across the ceiling, and down the other side; however, we will show you the basic steps to the most popular social dances, such as the fox trot, swing and waltz.

What happens after the introductory offer?
After your private lesson, group class and practice party, you will have a better idea of what dances interest you most. Your instructor will help you choose a starter series that fits your specific goals and dance needs.

What if I cannot make my appointment?
We request six hours notice on all appointments.

What should I wear to my lesson?
You can wear anything that you feel comfortable in; however, sneakers have rubber soles that tend to grip the floor. A dress shoe usually moves a little more easily. We do not love stiletto heels because they are not very nice to the floor!

Dance shoes are available by mail order, or the studio may have a style you like in stock. Dance shoes are great because  they are extremely flexible, allowing you to feel the floor through them and use your feet in the correct way. They also have suede bottoms that both grip the floor and let you turn and pivot. Be sure to have a shoe brush handy to keep the suede bottoms in good condition!

As you continue through your dancing, we recommend wearing practice clothes to your lessons, such as a Latin skirt or long, flowing skirt. They help enhance the feeling and appearance of the dances.


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