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Private Dance Lessons

Private Dance Lessons are the easiest and fastest way to become a good social dancer. Your dance instructor will provide you with the personalized attention you need to achieve your goal in dancing.

No two people learn the same way or at the same rate. Private dance classes offer much more gain in a comparable period of time than any other type of lesson. The general rule is that you will receive as much from one hour of private dance classes as three to four hours of any other type.


Group Dance Lessons

Group classes are an important addendum to your private instruction. They range generally anywhere from 8 to 15 students. They give you opportunity to dance with a variety of partners, and a chance to meet your fellow students from the studio... Group dance classes are a good way to learn new dance steps that you can take to your private dance lessons for your dance instructor to touch up on


Dance Parties


Dance Parties are as important as dance lessons in the learning process. The dance parties give you a wonderful opportunity to practice what you have learned in your private lessons with various partners, professional dance instructors, other students and guests. Dancing in this relaxed environment eases any stress of dancing in front of other people and builds confidence for all of your future dancing. This is also a great way to meet new friends.

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